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this is where the evening splits in half: grab an end, pull hard, make a wish.

The Protocol Universe
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by cait 'n ellie

--our main actors

derek: signs his name as Frederick Eckhard von Koenig, even if "Koenig" is not a place and he hasn't done anything significant enough in his life to merit a title, though if you pointed that out to him (as many have tried), he'll glare at you with his nose upturned and remind you how very easy it is for him to find a way to fire you and, depending on his mood, make you leave the country — money, after all, is no object when it's your father's money and you’ve got access to almost half of it. His classmates at his ridiculously expensive private school agree, especially since they travel in the same circles and their parents attend the same functions, usually in the Hamptons.

That is possibly why Derek got bored so easily, but he'd never admit to that.

sam: grew up without a bean to rub together, knows the value of a good time, a hard day's work, and an honest phone call home, cradling the white, plastic telephone because it's his maman's voice, and she sounds healthy, thank god. He's also not above an occasional drink and fling at the bar, though never too late at night, because Boston is a hell of a city to traverse on a hangover, and he hasn't been living there long enough to try. Sam never uses his middle name, but his maman is the one that picked it out and he wonders how his father could have agreed, so just puts himself down as "S. MacPherson" when he signs up for the local hockey club because he loved it in school and still can't give up a good game, even when he can play only on weekends.

behind the curtain--
can survive off of a ridiculously small amount
of sleep (and an equally obscene amount of sugar),
notices the details of things, somehow doesn't seem
to mind that ellie sends her too many emails that
make no sense and are full of did you know Derek did
such and such on his school trip
and even flails right
back when the topic turns to shared fandoms (read:
fandoms she indoctrinated ellie into). in short, she's
the 'sane' one behind the project, seeing as it is her
possibly omniscient computer that started it all.

ellie: is full of flail, prone to fits of randomness, and is
possibly a lunatic on the run from an asylum, cait is
not quite sure. she also has a problem with capital
letters, except when she doesn't (which means she's
binging, and brains you with all caps IMs, but so does
cait, so it's okay). she sends cait lots of e-mails
that cait replies to, sometimes more than once, and
they say the same thing at the same time in IMs far
too often to not be braintwins or something. cait
doubts ellie's claims that cait is the sane one.

boston, canada, cape breton, chess, commandeering someone else's couch, derek koenig, fiddle, fishing, hockey, manhattan, massachusetts, money solving (almost) everything, music, new york state, nova scotia, paying rent with violins, picking up strays, prep schools, proverse, sam macpherson, united states, violin